Colors of Happiness, 2020

Title: Colors of happiness
Year: 2020
Genre: Net Art / Game Art / Interactive Art / Process Art

Color as a universal and individual language is the main discursive element of this work. Beyond the different concepts that, for years, psychology has afforded to each, we have created our own preferences that involve stories and motives of a personal nature.

“Colors of happiness” is a work of net art, abstract, interactive and of a processual character. It develops a “virtual” database that compiles statistics in real time, on the “global” preference of a certain color.

Through an online library of shades and tones, you choose your favorite color; it will be visible on the main page of the web. THE COLOR, as a result, may be displayed simultaneously in different contexts and formats. This choice may vary in terms of days, hours, minutes or seconds, depending on the frequency and interaction of others.

Each color will create a profile according to your individual record. From a drop-down menu you will have access to several color palettes, with which you can interact, select them or viewing their tab, to obtain data such as: how many times you have selected it, from where (country) and for how long it has been visible (from the first day of operation of this piece to the present).