2019 – Present
NFT / Painting
Variable dimensions
Acrylic on Canvas


As an instructions manual, this work represents each one of the minutes in a 24-hour time span ̶ 60 minutes per hour ̶ in 1440 paintings; a double abstraction if we analyze the real abstraction that “time” already implies. Each piece consists of three graphic elements as a direct reference to the hands of the clock: hour hand (black), minute hand (black) and second hand (color). A fourth graphic element represents the background of the clock (usually white).

These images have been created by a Software that was developed for this purpose.

Preamble (2021): This is a series / extension of 24 pieces, 8” x 8” each, acrylic on canvas and a Serigraphy version, of another 24 serialized pieces at 13 each. As an example.