22/NOV/14 – 25/DIC/14

Naivy Pérez & Rewell Altunaga
December 22 @boffo_ny

Social media technologies bear diverse possibilities for human connection on immense and unprecedented scales. Analogizing these potentials, Naivy Pérez and Rewell Altunaga present “From East to West,” a participatory project that aspires to collect and circulate images of the sunset from around the world on the Winter Solstice. Presenting the images on Instagram—a platform that is constantly updating and that inherently emphasizes the here and now—the artists lay bare the temporal complexity of the world around us. They approach the sunset as a singular event that is both globally shared and uniquely experienced, subject to infinite variations of perspective, climate, and position. Pérez and Altunaga will source images from their wide-ranging peer network, and invite Instagram users to post images of the Winter Solstice sunset from wherever they are, using the tag #fromeasttowestsolstice. These images will be immediately reposted on @boffo_ny, and all photographers will be credited as collaborators. Through this open call for images from across the world, and the near-live posting of sunset images, the aggregate representation of the setting sun stretches a fleeting event into a perpetual present.